It took people to make America the beautiful; it took people to make America the great. Those people were no different to you and me except they got involve. We are getting involve and we encourage this great society to get involve with us.

Our goal is to provide the families and the individual with the tools to rise up out of poverty and an existence of no hope.  This is accomplished by temporarily providing the mechanisms that help people become independent and productive citizens.  The mechanisms for creating a productive America are:

  • Allow people to have a safe affordable place to live while they are in the process of seeking a better life.
  • Facilitate the educational tools and vocational training that employers are wanting and pays a good living wage. More and more technology jobs are on the rise and people in the underserved communities must be prepared to compete in that market.
  • Economic development is very important to America’s growth and to the underserved communities’ existence. Helping small entrepreneurs develop their ideas, succinctly describe it in a business plan, and receive the necessary financing is paramount for communities to move forward into this decade.
  • Many small businesses cannot afford to pay for their employee’s health insurance so it is paramount that there are community clinics that are affordable to meet the needs of working families. America’s small businesses should not lose productivity because of lack of access to health care.

We focus on these areas because in the final analysis it is going to make America stronger. The hand up approach to helping people is paramount because it will strengthen the future generations through good examples of building and sustaining the family foundation.

Governing Board

Daniel Herbon President

As a former banker from San Francisco, Dan has been involved in real estate transactions for the past 30 years. He has bought, sold and financed residential and commercial properties.








Frederick Metivier

Frederick Metivier 

Frederick is presently employed as the medical research operations manager for Orlando Health integrating medical research with medical practices. Frederick is also involved in helping young professional develop their career. He has served on several community Boards in a governing and advisory capacity.





Fred LeClair