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I had the distinct pleasure of working with Jean Perpillant who is the owner of Design Theory an Internet design and social media design and consulting company. The first thing I noticed about doing business with Jean is the experience itself; he was focused on educating me more than selling to me. Design Theory educated me on the web design process while encouraging my participation in the building of our website.

Design Theory creates websites across the country and they provide the same interactive experience as if you were working with them in person. Access to Jean has always been a phone call or Skype away from getting solutions to my concerns.

In my first meeting with Jean he basically came to give me some free advice about what is involved in the design process and how a good website should perform. After hearing him talk on the subject I knew this was the company that would be developing my website. I received far more than I bargained for and at a reasonable price. This is what I got from him:

  • A website that the entire Board of Directors are pleased with; we had the look and feel that we want
  • The ability to make changes to the design along the way; this was major, he never complained or acted like it was an inconvenience
  • Training on how to make changes to my website; he made the learning process easy and his web products are user friendly
  • Optimization of my website (some people charge extra for this)
  • Lots of advice on how to market the website for free; he wants us to be successful
  • We receive an RSS feed; another bonus
  • Relevant information about content on the website; content is important, it is what drives people to your site and keep them there

What I wanted out of this experience was honesty and a quality product and I got both. There are numerous African American owned businesses such as Design Theory that provide a quality product and the world, especially the African American Community needs to know about them and support them.

Design Theory also offers seminars on social media and its benefits for small business. Some of things you will learn are ease of use, maximizing efforts, tracking ROI, lead generation, leveraging your time, applications that work, and optimizing your account.

It is important to note that Design Theory cater their services to each business so that no two projects have the same look and feel. In the beginning stages of a business most owners choose to manage their marketing because resources are limited. Still, as your business grows, Design Theory has the expertise to manage your social media marketing and who better to manage your marketing than the company that taught you how to market.

The service is uncompromising and the product is great so what are you waiting on, call Design Theory and let them put your website on a competitive ranking on the Internet. Ask for Jean and you’ll find the most business friendly person that is truly concern about your business.

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  1. Thanks so much for the awesome testimonial! We really are proud to be a part of your organization’s website revamp. The services you listed are all that we provide, however we do try to offer anything above our scope of work to help bring a web project together. We look forward to seeing the National Urban Development Center grow, and we’ll be here to help!

  2. Carlos says:

    Major thankies for the blog article.Really thank you! Want more.

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