Rewarding Success: Part II Beliefs

In the first Part of the Rewarding Success series we discussed attitudes and the effects of a poor attitude. In this post we will examine beliefs which are an acceptance that a statement or that something is true. Our beliefs dictate our attitudes towards people, and subjects; it is what our body acts on because we hold that concept to be true. If you believe your car is not going to start there is a strong chance that you won’t try and start it because you hold that concept to be true.

Beliefs are probably the most important impediment in reaching goals or in striving to make something better. The reason is your belief will create and attitude that either attracts or detracts the opportunities in your life. Most of all, beliefs are habit forming; it is what we do everyday most of the day. So, if your beliefs towards being successful are positive then your attitude towards people of success will also be positive.

I am a firm believer that people who castigate successful people have a core belief in their being that they will never reach that level of success so therefore, it becomes easy for them to cast negative statements about success. Sachdeva states that power of your beliefs can create or destroy. The Bible states without faith it is impossible to please Him which is another way of saying if you don’t believe Him He is not pleased with you.

So, where do negative beliefs come from? In order to change something or a behavior it is important to know the root cause of that belief. Negative thoughts and beliefs stem from fear and worry. It is the belief that you are incapable of creating anything worthwhile and it builds up a level of envy, covetousness, and downright hatred for the thing you fear that you can’t become.

I am a firm believer in the Bible and I have not seen one single passage that discourages success. I have seen many passages that states if you put the material things in your life above God you will make Him jealous. What people fail to realize is that the negative beliefs they develop about success and successful people is not only an inhibitor to their success it can be sinful in many cases. The reason is many of those beliefs are rooted in coveting, envy, jealousy, and hatred. It all goes back to the statement it is hard to become the thing you despise.

The reason I am writing this blog is to motivate at least one person to change their way of thinking; my hopes is it would inspire everyone that needs the motivation. There are exercises that help people change their beliefs. Many Christians rely on God and the power of His wisdom for that change and other people including Christians engage in exercises that promote that change. Here is a link to Essential Practices where there is information about changing limiting beliefs. Also, please leave us your comments about this article and may today be the first day of the rest of your positive life style.


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  1. Kris says:

    Great post! I like the part you said about putting material things above God is wrong not the having them. Beliefs are very powerful and can determine which way we go in life which is why I’m working on mine right now. Thank you.

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