Rewarding Success: Part I Attitude

It is very difficult to become the thing you despise the most or have negative views of yet many people become the victims of their own thought process. Still, most people want to be successful but they do not realize that success comes from within and it is a product of how you view successful people.

I was raised blue collar and I reflect on many of the conversations that my friends and I would have at a young age as it pertains to wealthy or successful people. In many of those conversations the tone eluded to successful people having some special privileges and therefore society should penalize them for being successful.

As I matured I realize that many people do not define what success is for them and therefore it becomes easy to criticize some else’s success. I started out my work career carrying concrete up a 17 store buck hoist back in the eighties and today I manage a medical research department for a billion dollar institution. This all came with a plan and my journey to success is just beginning.

The reason I am trying to discourage the way people in underserved communities view successful people is you have to have a target for success and if you have a negative view of your target you will have a tough time hitting it. You will have a difficult time identifying the opportunities that will help you reach your goals because of perspective.

Work ethic is another issue that must be addressed if success is to be rewarded. Throughout my career I have encountered too many people who just want to do just enough to get by and they think that type of attitude will take them to the top. I transitioned from laborer to manager in the construction development industry because of my attitude. Every day I got up I asked myself how can I make my employer more money or save my employer money. This is the reason people on Wall Street get rewarded and some people don’t get it. If you are talented you can take you talent anywhere and get rewarded. This attitude has transition me from construction to being part of a team that designed pay loads in support of the International Space Station.

My advice to people is first develop a plan for your life and commit it to paper and remember the plan is flexible enough to make changes and handle setbacks. Second find mentors or read about people who are successful and find out what made them successful. I try to read up on people like Mohamed El Erian, Warren Buffet, Jack Welch, Bill Ackerman, Clarence Otis and a host of others because these people personify the success that I am after. Third, put your plan in action and commit to it. Most of all never speak negative about people of success or view success in a negative light. Your central processing unit which is your brain takes in all of the information you expose yourself to, analyzes your thoughts and your body reacts accordingly.

Do you think we would have a Google or Microsoft if there was not strong commitment on the part of the founders? These are not companies that were started on Wall Street; they were started in dorm rooms and garages. A good daily exercise would be to identify successful people every day; it could be on a website or in your community, complement them for their success and wish them well in enjoying the fruits of their labor.



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