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The family unit is under great challenges in America. Many families find themselves in predicaments that they never thought they would be in. There are families living in motor vehicles, motels, and on the streets because of circumstances they had no control over.

The easiest way to deteriorate a society is to destroy the family unit. When you look at poverty in America it is apparent that challenges in the family units are contributing to continual poverty. A safe affordable home, Education and jobs are the three most important things for today’s families. It is important that the under served communities are prepared for the  high tech jobs of the future. Some of the developers and designers of the new technologies are right here waiting for their opportunity to be discovered. The next Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, or  Ariana Huffington is right in the mist of us waiting to be discovered.

This blog site aims to explore solutions to the problems, raise the awareness and applaud those that are fighting this battle to strengthen the family unit. I am going to reference the Huffington Post in many of my Blogs because Ariana Huffington is a true champion of building a strong middle class. There are other celebrities who champion the cause of working people and we would like to briefly mention them; Tom Joyner of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Michael Baisden of the Michael Baisden Show, and Oprah Winfrey of the OWN television Network. Speaking of Oprah Winfrey did the world see the honorary award she received at the Academy Awards. Oprah is truly a genuine humanitarian; hats off to her. We must also remeber those great humanitarians in Corporate America that champion the cause of the poor and working class such as Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, and Ted Turner.

This Blog will also be dedicated to all of the wonderful people on Facebook, Google, Linked In, and Twitter that are out there leading the cause. As previously stated it takes every American to contribute in this cause.

We will also visit and recognize the places where the people National Urban Development Center serve work and live. It is important to explore the places the people we focus on work at and bring awareness to these businesses so that the public can continue to support these businesses. If it was not for these businesses the people we serve would not have a job.

Stay tune for a rich dialogue moving forward where as Americans we can debate, state our opinions and civilly disagree about the issues surrounding the poor and under served communities. Most of all, let’s celebrate all of the wonderful people who find a place in their heart to support this cause. We thank you, we appreciate you and we are asking that you continue to show your support.

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