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I use to hear an elderly gentleman say “dem young boys acting like there ain’t no God in the world”. It was not until I got older that I really understood exactly what he meant. He was speaking about the mindful attitudes some people develop where they are so consumed with an idea or concept and nothing else around them matters. That idea or concept became so consuming that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they wanted.

Isn’t that the attitudes of people who steal and rob? Isn’t that the attitude of the coworker or boss who is willing to do whatever it takes, including stepping on and over a few people to get to the proverbial there? Isn’t that the mindset that gets us into wars where the blood of the young and the innocent are sacrificed at the expense of those who had to have their mind set on a particular outcome?

Making life count today is very important, many people let life pass them by while building a future and when they look back they found that they really did not live a full life. The Huffington Post did an article on mindfulness and basically what it relates to how we think and changing the way we think before we think.

Let’s bring this home for most of us; mindfulness is learning not to say the first thing on our mind when someone does something we don’t like. It is about getting ourselves out of routines where we step on other people while trying to make it to the top and when we get there we are no more satisfied than when we were trying to get there.

Reconnecting to what matters can add a few years to your life because essentially what you have done is remove a lot of stress from your life. Work related stress contributes to many of the cardio illnesses that are plaguing Americans today. Many people today have a difficult time relating to how they feel much less the person in their life because they are consumed with things that don’t even matter. Just think of the many stories we hear about people going through divorces and it all relates back to people going through a daily routine and forgetting to live and include the feelings and inputs of others in their life.

A strong Godly connection is the way I reconnect with what is important. Other people such as Dr. Elisha Goldstein offer scientific exercises that connect with people who gravitate more toward the sciences. As a Christian the main goal for me is making it into heaven but it also gives me the clarity I need to live life now. My challenge to all of the readers out there is are you living life now? I am not here to promote religion I am just stating what works for. Tell me what works for you. If you don’t know what works for you find what it takes to live life now and most of all connect to and with people. You’ll find there is a lot to say about success in building good solid relationships.


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