Housing Development

Housing is vital to the stability of the family. It has been researched that stable a home is a contributor to helping children perform better in school. When you support National Urban Development Center of the State of Florida (NUDCenter) you are helping to build economic opportunities for the people we serve.

Our first major project is “The Mt. Dora East Town Redevelopment Project”. We are in the process of obtaining approximately 1.25 acres of commercial land located in a designated redevelopment zone. The plan is to construct 15-1,800 square foot units to be used as retail businesses. The downstairs 900 square feet of each unit will house a small retail business, while the upstairs of the same size would serve as a residence for the shopkeeper or storage space for the business.

There will be a job fair held, open to those residing in the immediate East Town neighborhood, who would like to start their own business. The businesses would be assigned a mentor who would supervise and teach the owners to operate their business in such applications as: marketing, attitude and bookkeeping, as well as monitoring their progress.  The owners would also work with an accountant who would advise, analyze the books and insure that they are operating profitably.

A board of directors will be formed to monitor the progress of the businesses and determine policies and guidelines. Once businesses are running profitably, with the approval of the board and mentors, the owners will be given the opportunity to purchase their own spaces and operate independently.

We believe that with proper and devoted personnel, we will improve the economics, appearance, and attitude of the entire neighborhood and give people the opportunity to achieve their optimal growth and take pride in themselves and their community.

Other objectives are focusing to help single mothers, disabled veterans; low income veterans and seniors find affordable housing. It is also our goal to revitalize struggling neighborhoods through development and economic opportunity. We want to:

  • Build or renovate safe, quality and affordable housing for low-income single mothers, disabled veterans, low income veterans, and seniors
  • Direct clients to supportive services that provide residents with skills, resources and opportunities
  • Revitalize struggling neighborhoods through quality affordable housing 

This can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Helping the clients purchase homes they can afford
  • Providing affordable rental units that are safe
  • Developing multi-family communities that target a specific population such as seniors.

NUDCenter social values are:

  • Saving communities from going under
  • Helping struggling Americans who can’t afford to buy or stay in a home through renting
  • There are single mothers, disabled veterans and low income veterans and seniors transitioning out of a foreclosure that need a home
  • Being able to sell and provide housing at an affordable prices to low income families
  •  And upgrading existing homes to make them more energy efficient.

For further information on how we can help please reach out to us at info@nudcenter.org.