Professionl Black Woman

The face of education and business is changing and we can’t afford to have a generation of people left behind because of their economic status. There are children who do not have access to the Internet much less own a computer.  The old economy suggested that people who did not want to go to college go out and learn a trade.

Many of the businesses, trades and blue collar vocations require the use of technology because innovation is adding efficiency to how these vocations are performed. Think of the UPS or FedEx employees that are able to instantaneously update their system and provide information through technology. Consider the marketing and media platforms of the future known as social media and the devastating state of anyone who cannot function in that environment. People need access to good paying jobs and small businesses need financing and support but they must first have the tools to function efficiently and compete. Let’s just consider the economical outlook for entrprenuer or job seeker who does not know how to use Microsoft office or they do not understand the new marketing mechanisms of social media.

It is important that entreprenuers in all communities especially the under served communities get access to the tools that would help them create a good business plan that allows them to create and grow customers, get the necessary financing, and have qualified people to work in their place of business. It is important that kids and adults in these communities are introduce to safe effective means of using social media so they do not become the victims of bullying or other types of predatory behavior on the Internet.

At National Urban Development Center of the State of Florida we aim to:

  • Help entrepreneurs craft their business plan
  • Make sure they have a sustainable plan for creating and growing customers
  • Provide or direct the necessary training for the businesses of the future
  • Help businesses get financing through credible sources
  • Provide consultation that will promote growth
  • Connect people to sources that will give them the tools to compete in today’s job market

It is important that businesses in the under served communities find the help that they need to grow and prosper and people in the under served communities get trained to compete in the future job market. Ofeten, people have a difficult time understanding the macro economic factors that are impacting their business because they are focus on the day to day activities of their business. Let us help you grow your business, reduce unemployment and impact the community. Join us in eliminating the technology and information gap in the under served communities and with your support we will.