Death: the Result of Poor Decision Making

 Yesterday in Orlando Florida poor decision making has resulted in the devastation of three lives; one more devastating than the other two. A young man (Brandon Lee Bradley) and his girl friend (Andria Kerhner) have been accused of gunning down a 30 year sheriff deputy (Barbara Pill) in Brevard County Florida as reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

First of all, my heart and condolence goes out to the family of sheriff deputy Barbara because she was more than a law enforcement officer. She was a mother, a grandmother, and a community volunteer. The pain of losing a love one over stupidity and poor decision making goes beyond a tragedy.

The ability to make good decisions comes from good training, good examples, and exposure to doing the right thing. When Bradley was asked why he did it as he was carried into the county jail his response was “I’m sorry”.  As reporters asked his girl friend about the incident she professed her love for him. I’m sorry is too late for the consequences of the actions that took this mother’s life.

The poor, impulsive, and selfish decision that the two accused allegedly made has destroyed their life more so it has permanently taken a mother and grandmother away from her family. Poor decision making has become culturally accepted in for youths who gravitate to urban culture. Just think about it; you hear about poor decision making in the music and many of the role models that promote the culture are getting rich off of promoting negative behavior. This is not true for everyone who is in the industry because their are people like Common, Mos Def and Talib Kweli who promote positive actions in their music.

If convicted, Bradley and Kerhner can kiss any dreams of having or enjoying their own family goodbye. More so, one or both of them could face the death penalty for shooting a law enforcement officer. I looked at the sheriff deputies taking Bradley and Kerhner out of the vehicle and I wish for a moment I could have been there to advised them on the terrible mistake they have made in deciding to shoot at a law enforcement officer. I wish I could have gone a little farther back in time to Bradley’s first offense and try to explain to him the awful mistake he was making and the devastating road he was about to go down. Then I thought to myself, there are more Bradley’s and Kerhner out there and some how or some way we have to get to them so that reality could set in.

Quality decision making involves analyzing the consequences of an action that is being contemplated in a person’s mind before they act on it. It is never impulsive because decision making involves taking into consideration the pros and cons of an action. Simply put, a thirty second consideration could be the difference between reacting to something a person sees in a video, hear in a song or see in a movie and mulling over the consequences of taking that action.

I could go on and on about poor decision making and I plan to explore it more in the future. This blog will continue to look at poor decision making from numerous angles including the business environment.

The only way to end this article is to say that we as a community need to reach out to youths in the under served community and find ways of reaching them. We are about to lose a generation of young men and women because the laws surrounding their poor decision making are about to get tougher because there is profit to be made in incarceration and where there is money to be made there is strong lobbying. I am not taking political sides on the issue because both sides have valid arguments on the issue. The important thing is we the community leaders have to continue to reach out the best way we know how so that this type of tragedy does not happen again and if it does not happen again then it means a young man and young woman would not be sent away for the rest of their life. It also means a mother or father will go home to their family.

Our organization is always open to suggestions and ideas in combating this problem. Please be sure to leave your comment on this and any other subject because it is important to us.

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